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Water Main Flow & Pressure Testing

Measuring the flow and pressure available from the street hydrants on the water main servicing your clients’ property is critical. The flow and pressure results provide accurate real time baseline data, allowing hydraulic consultants, fire system engineers, fire design teams and developers to confidently size fire hydrant mains and allow for fire pumps or fire tanks early in the design.

HTC Group will send you the scope prior to testing for complete transparency of service. Once approved, we will apply for any appropriate permits required to conduct testing, organise onsite access and communicate with you on the scheduling of your test. While on-site, if the main is not able to provide your required flow, our hydrant technicians will conduct additional testing at no extra cost while on-site. There have been instances where there has been a street valve not fully open or a blockage. We endeavour to keep our lead times to 5 days or less with an average of a 4 day turnaround.

HTC Group are approved contractors to conduct tests with numerous water utilities across Queensland. We have the fire testing equipment to be able to conduct flow and pressure tests on street hydrants as well as school sites, commercial, industrial or residential sites that have existing fire systems in place.

Get in touch with HTC Group today, our team is happy to discuss fire hydrant testing and assist you on your next project.

Water Main Investigations

Identifying restrictions from closed reticulation main valves, corroded fittings, pipes and hydrants can prevent the unnecessary installation of fire water tanks. We can measure the pressure loss at every available point in the main or on-site fire system to identify areas of high friction loss or rule out blockages.

Pressure Logging

Monitoring the static pressure using pressure loggers gives you evidence of the minimum and maximum pressures affecting your equipment over any time period. We can also monitor the in-line flow to test over a range of operations.

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