Australian Standards and Building Codes

HTC Group is governed by the National Construction Code for the installation and servicing of fire equipment for fire protection services including the relevant sections, Section E (Services & Equipment) and Section C (Fire Resistance), as well as the codes AS1851-2012 (Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment) and AS2419.1 – 2005 (System design, installation and commissioning).

For further flexibility of service, we are also able to maintain older buildings to Queensland Development Code Mandatory Part 6.1 (QDC MP 6.1).

HTC Group’s Fire Protection Services

HTC Group is licensed and qualified to maintain fire protection equipment to the following Australian Standards, Industry Standards and Business Codes.

  • AS 2419.1 – Fire Hydrant Installations
  • Form 71 – Fire Hydrant and Sprinklers System Commissioning
  • AS 1851 – Routine Service of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment
  • Form 72 – Fire Hydrant Testing and Maintenance
  • AS 2566.2 – Buried Flexible Pipelines Installation
  • AS 2444 – Portable Fire Extinguisher and Fire Blankets
  • AS 2441 – Fire Hose Reels Installation
  • The National Construction Code 2019, Volume 1, Section E (Services & Equipment)
  • The National Construction Code 2019, Volume 1, Section C (Fire Resistance)
  • Queensland Development Code
  • Mandatory Part 6.1 (QDC MP 6.1)
  • QLD Building Act 1975
  • QLD Fire and Rescue Act 1990
  • QLD Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008

What Is Baseline Data?

Baseline data is the information installed with your fire maintenance system, that allows technicians like HTC Group to check and monitor levels. Each piece of fire protection equipment has a performance expectancy based on the level in which it would perform when it is first installed. Where baseline data has been compromised, or in partial form, HTC Group can help re-establish this data and ensure further maintenance is compliant with requirements.

How HTC Group Track Baseline Data?

HTC Group tracks baseline data with state of the art technology to ensure that you are receiving the best fire maintenance service possible. Our technicians can help install baseline data, as well as provide ongoing monitoring and tracking of your fire protection system and equipment such as your fire hydrant and fire pump.