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Form 12 – Inspection Certificate

  • HTC Group can inspect and commission your fire hydrant system.
  • We can provide a Commissioning Report, Commissioning Checklist, Form 71 and Form 12 (formally known as the Form 16) for the Building Certifier.
  • The Building Regulation 2021 commenced on the the 1st of September, 2021 and brought with it many changes which are detailed below.
  • If you are looking for fire system certification or inspection in the Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast areas, get in touch with HTC Group!
Form 12 Aspect Inspection Certificate

What is a Form 12 Aspect Inspection Certificate?

  • The Form 12 Aspect Inspection Certificate provides the Building Certifier with evidence that the hydrant system has been installed as per the requirements of AS2419.1, the Building Approval, and the BCA.
  • The Building Certifier must ensure that the entity issuing the Form 12 is competent and appoint the entity as a Certifier Appointed Competent Person.
  • The Building Certifier compiles the Form 12’s for each element of the building work to issue a Form 16 to Certify Compliance for this stage of Building.
  • HTC Group can issue a Form 12 Inspection Certificate for fire hydrants, fire pumps and fire hose reel systems.

Who can issue a Form 12 – Aspect Inspection Certificate?

  • The Building Certifier uses the Guideline for Competent Persons issued by the QBCC to determine if a person has the training and experience required to provide a Form 12 Aspect Inspection Certificate.
  • A Competent Person may also be required by law to be registered or licenced under various laws to practice in certain aspects of designing, building or inspecting work.
  • Daniel Barwick is a Chartered Professional Engineer registered under the Professional Engineer Act and the Board of Professional Engineers (RPEQ 16239). Only a registered professional engineer should provide certification where the inspection of the aspect of a building constitutes professional engineering services.
  • Daniel Barwick also holds registration under the QBCC Act for Fire Protection – Water-Based Fire System Stream – Certify (QBCC 15019862).
  • Certificates provided by HTC Group contain our personal signature and licensing information of the person who has been appointed by the building certifier as competent to certify the hydrant system under the provisions of the Building Regulations 2021.

Process of completion of a Form 12, HTC Group will:

  1. Outline the aspect of the building work – Fire hydrants, Fire Pump and/or Fire Hose Reel system
  2. Describe the property including the building, address, lot and plan details and local government area information
  3. Describe the extent of the aspects certified. For example, the fire hydrant system commissioning in the Innovation Hall
  4. Detail the basis for certification. This provides details about the inspection, testing, specifications, standards, codes or other publications relied upon
  5. Provide reference documentation. This includes the engineering plans and Building Approval
  6. Provide the Building Certifier’s reference and Building Application development numbers
  7. Provide details of the Appointed Competent Person
  8. Signature of the Competent Person to verify they are satisfied the work complies with current regulations

What is a Form 71?

  • The Form 71 shows that the Fire Hydrant and Sprinkler System Commissioning Tests has been conducted to the requirements of AS2419.1.
  • Commissioning tests include;
    • hydrostatic pressure test to prove for pipe integrity
    • hydrant flow testing to prove flow and pressure performance
    • requirements are met
      booster assembly testing to prove the system will perform as expected by the fire brigade
  • The Form 71 is required by the Queensland Development Code – Mandatory Part 6.1 (QDC MP 6.1) and Section 30 of the Building Act 1975.
  • The Form 71 was originally developed to assist the fire brigade to document commissioning testing results. It does not include many of the requirements to prove the hydrant system has been installed as per AS2419.1. For example, the Form 71 makes no comment on the hydrant coverage, block plan suitability, suitability or materials, provision of isolation valves, or clearances around hydrant equipment. A competent person reports on these items in the Commissioning Report.

What is a Form 72?

  • The Form 72 shows that the Fire Hydrant and Sprinkler System Maintenance Tests have been conducted to the requirements of AS1851.
  • A typical annual maintenance test proves the hydrant flow and pressure performance remains acceptable to ensure that fire hydrants and other fire protection systems are in working order in the event of a fire .
  • The Form 72 is required by the Queensland Development Code – Mandatory Part 6.1 (QDC MP 6.1) and Section 30 of the Building Act 1975.
    Building owners and property managers are required by law to ensure all fire system maintenance has been conducted by a licensed fire maintenance technician.
  • HTC Group will make your fire system maintenance and safety compliance easy. We offer regular fire hydrant testing and inspection services for your fire hydrants and fire hose reels and can issue the Annual Occupier Statements.
Hydrant Flow Test
Fire Hydrant Maintenance Testing

How HTC Group Can get you Certified and Compliant?

  • After getting in touch with HTC Group and providing any required documents, we will send you a scope of work and quote to keep you in the loop.
  • Once approved, we will apply for any appropriate permits required to conduct testing and inspection, organise onsite access and communicate with you on the scheduling of your test.
  • We endeavour to keep our lead times to 5 days or less with an average of a 4 day turnaround.

HTC Group has been around since 2006 with years of experience in Engineering and all facets of the fire industry. We take great pride in ourselves in providing responsive customer service and high quality reporting to all of our clients. HTC Group are approved contractors to conduct tests with numerous water utilities across Queensland. We have the fire testing equipment to be able to conduct flow and pressure tests on street hydrants as well as school sites, commercial, industrial or residential sites that have existing fire systems in place.

Get in touch with HTC Group today, our team is happy to discuss certification on your fire system and assist you on your project.