What’s The 5 Yearly Fire Hydrant Test & Why Do I Need It?

Feb 17, 2022

The 5 yearly fire hydrant service is a critical fire safety measure that can’t be neglected. This fire maintenance service is a routine, preventative service performed every 5 years. The test replicates the fire brigade response to a fire to ensure the system is performing properly.

What Does The 5 Yearly Fire Hydrant Test Measure?

The 5 yearly fire hydrant test, also referred to as a boost flow test, calculates the site’s working pressure and confirms that the fire protection system is fully equipped to deliver the required flow pressure in the event of a fire.

What Is Involved In This Test?

The five yearly fire hydrant test involves the inspection, overhaul and testing of all components of a fire protection system. This test will ensure the valves and the pipework are capable of withstanding the pressure fluctuations that the fire brigade put on the system when fighting a fire. The valves, gauges and check valves are all tested to ensure the fire system is fully operational.

This overhaul involves the cleaning of valves to extract any built-up dirt, debris, rust and other matter. To ensure the fire hydrant system can handle the required pressure, both a Pump Boost Test and a Hydrostatic Test are also completed.

What Happens After A 5 Yearly Fire Hydrant Test Check?

After your test, HTC Group generates a report that documents the AS1851 checks and test results. This is used as evidence that you are maintaining your fire hydrant system and are complying with legislation.

The 5 yearly hydrostatic test is also recorded on ‘Form 72 – Fire Hydrant And Sprinkler System Periodic Testing And Maintenance’.

Book Your Fire Protection Services With HTC Group

Testing a fire system is a complex task that must be completed by certified professionals. HTC Group routinely completes fire protection services such as 5 yearly fire hydrant tests, so you can rest assured you remain fully compliant and keep your building safe. Contact HTC Group to learn more and enquire about completing your fire maintenance.

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