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Keep Your Building Fire Safe with HTC Group

Fire system maintenance exists to ensure that fire hydrants and other fire protection systems are in working order in the event of a fire. Building owners and property managers are required by law to ensure all fire system maintenance has been conducted by a licensed fire maintenance technician, in order to protect the lives and livelihoods of the occupants.

HTC Group makes fire system maintenance and safety compliance easy with our services, offering regular fire hydrant testing and inspection services for your fire safety systems (including Fire Hydrants, Fire Extinguishers & Fire Hose Reels) in accordance with the Australian Standard AS1851-2012. We can produce Annual Occupier Statements for building owners and occupiers under the Queensland Development Code MP6.1.

We pride ourselves on offering a transparent service, and will not charge you for defect rectifications until they have been identified, explained and approved for work.

Need help managing your requirements as a business owner or occupier? Contact HTC Group Today. We offer once-off and ongoing fire protection services.

Managing Fire Protection Compliance

Keeping your facility compliant with fire protection and safety legislation can be complicated. Between the Building Act, the Building Fire Safety Regulation, the Queensland Development Code (QDC MP 6.1) and the Australian Standard AS1851, there are many moving parts to conducting a fire maintenance inspection. 

Our mission is to help you understand what we’re doing on-site, what that means for you and your business, and what the most effective solution is. 

Contact HTC Group to learn more.

When Do Your Fire Protection Systems Need An Inspection?

The following items are defined as “special fire safety measures” that require maintenance at the following intervals as given in AS1851:2012, Table 1.11(A).

Our technicians are licenced to inspect the following equipment:

  • Fire hydrants
  • Fire pumps
  • Fire water storage tanks
  • Fire hose reels

Fire Equipment Inspection & Fire Maintenance Checklist

Keeping your site compliant involves the following four steps:

  1. Create an asset list, asset map (if required), and test schedule for each equipment type
  2. Provide inspection and test reports at each required inspection interval
  3. Report on compliance and explain any necessary defect rectification works
  4. Provide the Annual Occupier Statement each year

Our fire maintenance software allows you to view the inspection status, fire maintenance reports, defects and future capital spend (if requested) for each of your sites.

AS1851-2021 Inspection Frequencies

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HTC Group’s Commitment

Our goal is to revolutionise the fire maintenance industry with the transparency of our fire protection services. Whether you are a building manager, owner, body corporate manager or occupier, we want to ensure that you feel informed while making sure your building is compliant with the required legislation. 

We’re committed to providing high-quality customer service, which means: 

  • Explaining our quotes, and our recommendations in detail
  • Responding to queries in a fast and informative manner
  • Involving you in the process of correcting defects 
  • Leaving the site in the same condition as we entered it
  • Interacting with residents and occupiers in a friendly, professional manner

    Meet The Management Team

    HTC Group Director - Daniel Barwick

    Daniel Barwick

    Director & Engineer

    Dan is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer (RPEQ and CPEng) with an understanding of fluid dynamics and a practical understanding of fire hydrant systems, AS2419, AS1851 and the associated legislation. He is a member of the AHSCA, NFIA, BPEQ and has presented to the AHSCA and helped develop hydrant testing methodologies with water Utilities in Queensland and Victoria. He is continuing to learn and is always appreciative of support from members of the industry.

    HTC Group Zenda Johnston

    Zenda Johnston

    Operations Manager &
    Business Development Manager

    Zenda has been with HTC Group since May 2017 and is dedicated to ensuring the daily business operations run smoothly. With over 19 years of experience working in various roles in Construction, Dredging & Marine Construction, Legal, Real Estate and Retail industries, Zenda is driven by building strong relationships as she believes it is the foundation of everything she does, both professionally and personally.