Fire Hose Reel Maintenance

Your fire hose reel must be inspected to Australian Standard AS1851 – Routine Servicing Fire Protection Systems Australian Standard every six months.

HTC Group provides essential fire hose reel testing for property owners to ensure they are compliant with the fire maintenance requirements that apply to their building.

How Are Fire Hose Reels Inspected

Fire hose reels allow residents to fight a small fire before it grows out of control. The maintenance requirements and summarised here.

FrequencyAS1851 Summarised Fire Hose Reel Maintenance Requirements
6 Monthly (Table 9.4.1)Check that the hose reel is accessible with signage, clearances and operating instructions legible. We will test the swing arm. Unwind 5m of hose, check for leakage and test water flows through the nozzle.
Yearly (Table 9.4.2)Check mounting. Measure the flow rate through the most disadvantaged fire hose reel. Check for hose kinking. Check there have been no alterations to the building or the hazard/risk.

Once you work with HTC Group, fire compliance is easy. We will provide you with an in-depth breakdown document of our services. We can also send you a reminder when your next maintenance deadline arrives to ensure there are no lapses in your building’s fire compliance.

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