What Is a Critical Defect in Fire Protection?

A critical defect in your fire protection system is a defect that is likely to render the installation inoperable or is likely to have a significant impact on the safety of the occupants of the building. Basically, a critical defect cannot be ignored in fire protection and fire maintenance. For example, a defect in your fire pump that renders the fire hydrant faulty would be considered a critical defect.

How Does HTC Group Manage Critical Defects?

At HTC Group, we are proactive in notifying you of critical defects and can work with you onsite to ensure the defect is remedied in a fast and reliable manner. Critical defects can include:

  • Severely impaired water supply
  • A fire pump that is unable to start/ broken down
  • A landing valve that can not be opened
  • Missing or inoperable fire extinguisher
  • Missing fire blanket
  • A fire door that can not close properly
  • A fire hose reel that has a severely damaged hose or a broken valve handle
  • A fire main that has a severe onsite leak