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CodeXFire – Hydrant Certification Decoded is a software designed to empower fire brigades in certifying fire hydrant systems, ensuring buildings are safe for public occupancy. With a focus on adhering to the design standard AS2419, our innovative platform streamlines the certification process and unlocks an abundance of benefits for the fire industry.

Certifying a hydrant system verifies that three major elements are in accordance with the design standard, AS2419

  1. Checking the materials, clearances and locations of hydrant system components.
  2. Conducting flow tests to verify hydrant performance.
  3. Conducting hydrostatic pressure testing to verify the pipework integrity. 

CodeXFire simplifies the certification process

  • Tailored Compliance Checklist: Leverage site-specific details to transform AS2419 clauses into a straightforward checklist. Simplify complexities and navigate with confidence.
  • Real-Time Data Capture: Instantly record hydrant flow and hydrostatic pressure test results, empowering you with up-to-the-minute information for informed decisions.
  • Instant Report Generation: Summarize non-conformances, test outcomes, block plan requirements, and state-specific forms effortlessly. Generate comprehensive draft reports instantly.

CodeXFire key features and benefits

  • Imagine having the entire AS2419 design standard at your fingertips, simplified and accessible. Navigate through each clause effortlessly, ensuring every detail aligns with the highest safety standards.
  • CodeXFire allows you to pinpoint non-conformances with precision, ensuring that every hydrant system you certify meets the rigorous requirements of the standard. Say goodbye to uncertainties and embrace confidence.
  • By using CodeXFire, you play a vital role in creating a safer environment for future fire officers. Every certified hydrant system contributes to their protection as they bravely serve our communities.

AS2419 Certification Software Features

Design Quality Control

Hydraulic consultants: Use the same tool the fire brigade uses to check the hydrant type, booster location, pipe support types, and many more items and catch non-conformances before the design leaves your office.

Certifiers: The listed block plan requirement of 10L/s at 175kPa raising an eyebrow? Be guided through the relevant clauses to verify questionable requirements.

Display Compliance Items Intuitively

Checks are arranged to complete the check with a single site walk through. Check the booster valve clearances, block plan requirements, cabinet location, valve, gauge signage requirements while at the booster.

Fully Referenced

All comments, images, defects, non-conformance, and actions are referenced to the AS2419.1:2021 clause.

Guided Requirements

There is no need to memorise all 312 pages of AS2419.1. Display figures, definitions and clauses from AS2419.1 and the NCC in a click. 

Commissioning Flow and Pressure Test Recording

Flow test recording including the results, hydrant locations, test method and graphical representation of the results. The hydrostatic pressure test allowable leakage rate is calculated and the test method and results are recorded.

Hydrant Certification Reporting

The hydrant certification report is generated with summarised actions, non-conformances, block plan details, images, comments, test results, baseline data, equipment calibration table, and a complete list of clauses checked. Reports can be anywhere between 9 and 30 pages, are generated in seconds, and are fully editable. 

Baseline Data

Baseline data is provided to allow the site to troubleshoot future supply problems.

Hydrant Register

Use the optional hydrant register builder to generate a hydrant register complying with the requirements of AS2419.1, Appendix A.

Software Access & Pricing

At CodeXFire, we’re on a mission to create software that truly services the community. That’s why we are thrilled to announce the launch of our free beta version, and we want you to be part of it! Join us in testing the latest in-development builds and be among the first to provide valuable feedback.

Who can participate?

Calling all fire brigades and hydraulic consultants across Australia! We invite you to explore the beta version and help shape the future of CodeXFire. Additionally, fire safety contractors can gain access to a limited, no-obligation free trial – seize this opportunity to level up your fire safety game!

Why participate?

By participating in the beta version, you will play a crucial role in refining CodeXFire. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us understand thow to make it even better for your specific needs

How do I take part?

Taking part is easy! Click on the “Access CodeXFire Now” button below, and our quick validation check will add your application to the CodeXFire software. Once approved, you’ll receive your access login details, and we’ll reach out to hear about your experience and feedback.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to be at the forefront of fire safety technology. Join the CodeXFire beta today and help us shape the future of safety solutions!


Built by Industry Professionals

At CodeXFire, we take immense pride in our small yet passionate team of dedicated professionals. As experts in engineering and software development, we are driven by a common goal – collaborating with fire professionals to revolutionise the implementation of AS2419. With a remarkable track record of 8 years, we have successfully commissioned and certified hydrant systems in multiple Australian states.

Our Mission: At the heart of our mission lies the commitment to decode AS2419, creating a seamless process for hydrant certification and fostering a safer built environments. We strongly believe that simplifying the verification (certification) of hydrant systems will pave the way for future changes to AS2149, aligning it more accurately with the dynamic needs of society.

One aspect that continually astonishes us is the rapid loss of baseline data. We strongly advocate for the accessibility of baseline data throughout the lifespan of any building. This empowers stakeholders to make informed decisions, enhance safety measures, and ensure the long-term reliability of fire safety systems for that building.

At CodeXFire, innovation fuels our every endeavor. By combining our technical expertise with a passion of excellence, we are reshaping the landscape of the fire industry. Together with fire professionals like you, we can pave the way for a safer and more secure future. Join us on this exciting journey towards a cutting edge solution that empowers the fire safety industry like never before.

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